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David Matthews: Essays, Tributes and Criticism
edited by Thomas Hyde
Plumbago Books, 2014, 320pp
ISBN: 9780956600769
Available in both hardback and paperback from
Boydell & Brewer
 Any admirer of David Matthews' music or, indeed, British music in general, will want this book, touching
as it does on so many other composers and musical issues.'
The Classical Reviewer

Thomas Hyde - who has edited this book's content with astute thoroughness - considers the function of 
melody and its corresponding context on a composer whose concern for what he himself terms the
vernacular has continued to inform his thinking in ever more focused and productive ways ... It amounts
to a finely assembled and engrossing tribute to a composer whose creativity shows no signs of abating ...
and that wears its academic credentials with deftness and not a little understatement.
Gramophone Magazine (November 2014)

The unpretentious clarity of Matthews's own writing is thrown into relief by (more essay-like) 'criticisms' from
such insightful writers as Arnold Whittall, Hugh Wood and Edward Venn.
BBC Music Magazine (December 2014)
Articles by Thomas Hyde

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