‘… his sheer vigour and intrinsic sense of drama won the day … Thomas Hyde clearly has dramatic as well a musical potential.’


19 December 2023

All This Time 

Choir of St Paul’s Knightsbridge / Joseph Fort 

St Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge 

29 November 2023

Missa Brevis
Choir of King’s College, London / Joseph Fort

Chapel of King’s College, London 

15 November 2023

Two Edinburgh Machines     

Lucy Schaufer (mezzo soprano) / Lana Bode (piano)

McPherson Recital Room, University of St Andrews 

7 October 2023


Clare Hammond (piano) 

St John the Baptist Church, Little Missenden Festival, Bucks 

8 September 2023

Overture & Jig (from Aiding and Abetting)                         

Orchestra of Scottish Opera / Stuart Stratford 


Glasgow [workshop]